November and December Morphe Me

I have been so reluctant to post one of these posts because lately I’ve been so disappointed with what I’ve been getting. However in December the Morphe Me delivery was really good!

If you recall, Morphe Me is a monthly beauty subscription service unlike any other. For $20 you get $30 worth of high quality Morphe brushes. I’d recommend this to anyone that’s looking to build their brush collection and for anyone that’s looking to try out Morphe brushes. If you want to sign up, click here.

I’m actually going to go over two months in this post so get ready! 

December’s Brushes:

M516 Angled Blender: The firm shape of this b goat hair brush is going to be perfect for defining that outer V! You might even be able to use this brush for nose contour?

Retail price: $4.99

M515 Detail Crease Liner: Another goat hair brush that’s going to be grat for lining your lower lash line or carving out your crease for a cut crease.

Retail price: $3.99

M502 Round Blender: This sable brush is just a run of the mill blending brush but it’s one of my favorites! The tapered tip makes it a must have brush for your collection. And, I think we’ve gotten this brush already?

Retail price: $5.99

M562 Tiny Crease Blender: I haven’t seen a brush like this! This tiny slim brush is going to be perfect for blending cut creases or the lower lash line. This is a synthetic fiber brush. 

Retail price: $3.99

M560 Detail Crease: Since this is a dense synthetic brush, this is definitely going to pack on the pigment. Once again, another great brush for detailing your lower lash line. 

Retail price: $2.99

M512 Round Contour: The last brush of December is a goat hair contour brush. I’m actually quite scared to use this once since it’s so dense! This is also the problem that I’ve had with this subscription service for the past few months. All we’ve been getting is contour brush after contour brush. So my arsenal is full of contour brushes!

Retail price: $8.99

Total value of Decmebers brushes: $30.94

November’s Brushes:

M517 Jumbo Crease: This brush makes for a perfect eraser so to speak. The dense goat hair bristles make it an ideal brush to buff out any harsh or dense lines

Retail price: $5.99

M528 Pointed Contour: We received a brush super similar to this back in October so I’m happy to have a backup but also bummed that I have two of the same brush. 

Retail price: $12.99

M551 Tapered Powder: I HAVE BEEN WAITING TO RECIEVE A BRUSH LIKE THIS!! This is super similar to the MAC 116 or the MAC 135. I am so excited to use this brush for bronzer! 

Retail price: $13.99

Morphe Premium Beauty Sponge: Now, there was a problem with my order and it got lost. I was really upset because the ONE thing that I was really excited about was thereceiving the  beauty sponge. Once I reached out to customer service they resent my brushes. Great. But when I got the package, I saw that I got the black “premium” sponge and not the “flawless” sponge. Long story short, I tried out the sponge and it sucked. If you want a better review let me know!

Total value of November’s brushes: 18.98

Hopefully in 2017 they’ll send more blending brushes and lay off the contour brushes! But overall I am excited to finally use all of these brushes!


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