Bye Bye No Buy

It’s fall y’all and I’m back!! It’s been a rough summer for me with work (or lack there of it) and with a move. But I’m back and ready for more posts!

I have been slowly waiting for all of my packages to come in and now that they are all here I’m ready to show you what I’ve added to my collection. 

Let’s start with what I got from Ulta! The end of my no buy worked out pretty good for me. I was as the end of my concealer and mascara so I finally got my ride or die mascara, Too Face Better Than Sex and my tried and true Urban Decay Naked Concealer

The one think different about the concealer this time around was the shade. The first time I bought this I got Light Warm and this time around I bought Light Neutral. I think once this tube is out I’ll switch back to Light Warm. It’s just not providing the brightness that I want. 

The next item I swooped up was Benefit Ka-Brow in shade number 4. As you may know I have been obsessed with my ABH Dip Brow in Dark Brown but once my tan from summer wore off (and got better lighting in my bathroom) I realized that Dark Brown was WAY too warm for me. Ever since I bought #4 I have noticed a significant change in my brows. The only down side to this formula is that it’s kinda dry/crusty? Has anyone else noticed that, or is it just me?

And finally, the last product I got from Ulta was the NYX HD Studio Photogenic finishing powder. I could not, for the life of me, find the Cory Airspun Translucent Powder anywhere at Walgreens, so I needed to find a new finishing powder and I settled on this. 

This powder is NOT GOOD! The smell of it is terrible and it has THE WORST flashback! But I do like the texture of the powder (I needed to end on a positive note)

My Makeup Geek was my next package to roll in and I was so excited!! I finally got my hands on the Manny MUA palette. I have been hearing so many great things about this palette and boy was everyone right!! I can’t wait to show you guys some looks using this palette!!

I have been on the market for a new contour shade and I heard that MUG has some pretty good ones. I picked up the shade Infidelity which is a cool tone shade. I need to get a slightly darker shade though. This will look like dirt on my face if I’m not careful. Overall, I’m impressed with the pigmentation and the application.  

Aaaaannnnddd my final beauty shipment to come in was from Amazon! 

As I mentioned earlier, I could not find the Coty Airspun anywhere in Walgreens. (I went to at least 3) and I couldn’t find it. So where does a girl go when she needs her Airspun powder?  Amazon. 

I cannot express how much I love this powder. It’s the best for baking and setting your whole face. And you get so much product for such a great price! 

The last time I bought a Beauty Blender was back in March. So needless to say, I was long over due for a new Beauty Blender. This one came with a sample of the Solid soap too for an extra $5! 

New Beauty Blender on the left and old /dead Beauty Blender on the right

And this past weekend, I found a gem at Nordstrom Rack! A Morphe 35 W palette!! I could not believe it!! First of all, I had no idea you could get Morphe in Arizona, let alone at a Nordstrom Rack. Second, it was on clearence! AND! There was an additional 25% off the already discounted price!! 

Currently this palette is on sale online but I got it for $11! Such a great steal!

And that’s it folks!! I’ll be posting about the brushes in a separate Morphe Me post. 

Thanks for sticking with me during the radio silence! I love you all!!


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