How I Color My Hair

We all can’t afford to go to the salon every 6 weeks to get a root touch up or get a new look. And from articles that you’ve probably read, and from hair stylists, everyone tells you to stay away from box color from the grocery store. That’s where Sally Beauty Supply comes in.

In a previous life, I used to work at a salon, and I was immersed in the hair styling and hair color world. I learned a little about color formula, styling, etc. I’m also a visual learner and I retained some good tips on hair color and application.

*Disclaimer: I only suggest doing this kind of color application at home if you’re looking to go a few shades lighter or darker. 

What you need to get started:

  • Disposable latex gloves or if you’re careful you can reuse these
  • Mixing Bowl
  • Hair color applicator
  • Measuring beaker (optional)
  • Hair clips or crocodile clips
  • Color remover wipes – just in case you accidentally get color on your arm or on your face
  • Color blocker – aka Vaseline or Vicks vapor rub works great!
  • Deep conditioner of your choice
  • Argan hair oil or macadamia hair oil of your choice
  • Hair color
  • Developer (cream!! Not clear)- if you’re new to hair color start with either 10 or 20 volume
  • Unwashed hair – the dirtier the better
  • Brush and comb of your choice
  • Loose fitting and old t-shirt – Even the most skilled person will get color somewhere on their body so make sure you find a shirt that you’re not too attached to 😉


Once you’ve selected your color, I used this one. And the mixing ratio for this brand is 1:2. So I part hair color to 2 parts hair developer. The tube of hair color is 2oz so you’ll use 4oz of developer. Mix those two with your brush applicator. For added conditioning, I like to add a tiny amount of Argan oil to that mixture.

Quick tip: Developer is the amount of lift/lightening you want to achieve. If you use too high of a developer (40 volume and up) the results could be lighter than you wanted and also cause extreme damage to your luscious locks! And too low of a volume won’t do anything for you. A rule of thumb is to just stick with 20 volume if you’re looking to go 1-3 shades darker.

Next you’re going to comb through your hair making sure you don’t have any knots. After that clip up your hair so you can rub a decent amount of the Vaseline at the base of your neck. Continue to place the Vaseline all over your ears and the rest of your hairline. Now you’re ready to put on your gloves and start the hair coloring process!

Separate your hair so you have 4 quadrants. Starting with one of the quadrants in the back, separate that even further so you have a smaller amount of hair to work with. I always say, the smaller the better so you don’t miss any spots when you’re coloring. Dip your brush into the color and “paint” it on to the hair. Be sure to get the roots!! Once you feel that that section of your hair is covered in color move onto the next section of that quadrant.

Once you’ve colored every bit of your hair follow the rest of the directions on the tube of color. You should let this process anywhere from 30-45 minutes. So wash all of your tools and grab a snack.

After the 30 or 45 minutes, you’re going to want to rinse the color out. Now you can either do this in the sink or just take a shower. I always opt for the shower, I’m not even 5 feet tall so it can be a challenge for me to reach the sink.

Quick Tip: If you opt to rinse your hair in the shower, try to line the inside of your shower with a trash bag. When you’re rinsing, the color can get ALL over the place and stain! or just clean up right away with bleach or some sort of bathroom cleaner.

Wash your hair as you normally would until it feels clean. I usually wash my hair twice. Then I’ll ring out as much moisture as I can and grab my deep conditioner and slap a generous amount of it all over hair, paying close attention to my ends. I’ll try to leave that on for about 10-15 minutes. Then rinse and towel dry your hair and style as you normally would.

After you’ve styled your hair, take your color removing wipes and clean up any spots on your face, ears, neck, etc to remove any stains. This stuff also works on countertops, just in case you had an accident.

And there you have it folks! That’s how I color my hair. I typically do this every 6 or 8 weeks. Personally, I like to color my hair after I get a haircut.

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xoxo The Good Eyebrow



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